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As WHITE SEA, we consider sustainability issues is a prerequisite if we are to continue to grow in the long-term and to create new value by responding to the needs of society. As such, we look to integrate sustainability into all areas of our decision-making.

The strength of our company rests in the diversity of our businesses and the synergies we can achieve among them. It is therefore imperative that we understand how sustainability issues impact each of our businesses individually, and how these impacts filter back to the Group as a whole. To this end, we commit to doing the following on an ongoing basis.

We do not aim to be found economically only in the regions where we carry out our commercial activities, but also we carry out sustainability studies with a sense of social responsibility.


Therefore we,

  • identify and understand priority sustainability issues,

  • identify and pursue sustainability opportunities,

  • engage with our stakeholders,

  • care for the natural environment,

  • respect human and labor rights:

  • promote diversity, and care for the well-being of our employees,

  • uphold the highest business ethics.


Some of our works in this context are as follows:

  • we have cataract surgery to open the eyes of people with visual impairments and who do not have sufficient financial power,

  • we provide scholarships to successful students to raise the education level of the society and to support the development of the countries in which we work,

  • we open water wells in the regions needed to increase public welfare,

  • we distribute food at certain times of the year in regions that do not have sufficient food,

  • by establishing cooperatives, we support small farmers and implement sustainable training programs.

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